Fit Resolutions: Erica's Best Running Tips


We had a chance to catch up with Tsuya MOBster & Track athlete Erica Wilson for the new year. With new fit resolutions, we wanted a couple running tips to start us off in the right direction.
Read on for Erica's best tips all runners should keep in mind.


When running, always remember to implement the mechanics of track. If you don't run with the correct form, you can easily injure yourself.

Tips for How to Run Properly:

  • Always run ankle over knee
  • Stand up nice and tall over your legs as you're cycling
  • Swing your arms fully, your arm should be swinging past your hip bone
  • Always keep your foot Dorsey flex, meaning flexing up to the sky. You don't want your foot pointing at the ground.
  • If you're looking to sprint, try your best to keep these mechanics in mind as you push off of the ground and use speed.

During or after a workout if your feeling dizzy or lacking energy, eat an apple. It helps restore your energy and helps get rid of the dizziness. 

Happy running & good luck with your fit goals in 2016!

-Erica Wilson



Learn more about Erica & watch the video HERE.


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