Meet Tsuya MOBster and Track Star Erica Wilson

Meet Tsuya ambassador Erica Wilson. At just 22 years old, she is already a force to be reckoned with. Erica currently majors in African American Studies at UC Berkeley and also competes in Track & Field. When she's not on the track, you can find her practicing in a dance studio, training and reading. We love her inspirational mindset and the way she encourages others to be their very best. We loved chatting with Erica about her contagious positive attitude. Click play below or read on to learn who inspires her and her favorite fit tips.


Were you always a runner growing up? At what age did you realize running track would become more for you than just a "school sport”?
I was always a runner growing up. I loved racing because I had so much speed and no one could beat me! I was eventually lead to a small track club called St. Ignatius. It was such blessing for my mom to randomly find out about St. Ignatius because after joining, I started breaking records! I moved on to the Junior Olympic League and I have not stepped off the track since. That was 15 years ago.
How do you work to make an impact on others at such a young age?
I'm a very influential person. I strive to show others that they can achieve avenues outside of their marginal sense. From academic confidence, creative innovation, to physical ability--I seek to support people in ways where they can overcome many different hardships. There has to be someone out there to help people find what they don't see in themselves, and to push them out of their comfort zones. I choose to take the position of the pusher. Day to day I'm pressing someone to stop mentally hindering themselves and to 'just be'.

Who in your life has made you better?
My father has made me a better person. He is a very spiritually calming man; with his way of delivering messages and directing individuals. He is all about peace and reciprocity, and in times of frustration he helps me release. If it's not with his words, it's with his praise and energy. He takes virtue in goodness and patience, and sometimes that's more than enough in times of difficulty. He helps me think slower and respond better to many different obstacles I face day to day.

Can you share any running tips with us?
Eat a good meal about an hour before practice. My favorite meal to eat before running is oatmeal and banana with almond milk. Always drink a lot of water, even if it's an easy running day. Always warmup before a workout, it should be at least 30-40 minutes long; a full cardio. If it's cold outside, do an even longer extensive warmup and make sure to double up in layers.


What are you go-to healthy snacks to keep you fueled through the day?
My go to's are: Oatmeal-almond milk-banana shake, Craisins, nuts, wheat waffles, eggs, fruits, granola bars, sweet potato, brown rice, oats & honey cereal, spinach salad or a turkey sandwich.

Do you have any favorite Tsuya pieces?
I'm in love with the Vivian Sports Bra and Penelope Capri. The Vivian Sports Bra adjusts so well and perfectly. I can wear it to several different places like to dance class, track practice, or even a dinner date under a nice blouse. I get so many compliments on it--I just love the way it looks on my body!



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