The "Gift of Time" by Tsuya Ambassador Megan Webster

Megan shares her creative concept behind spending time with loved ones this holiday season. She calls it the "Gift of Time," where she makes it a point to connect with friends and family, and together they go off-the-grid for a few hours. To Megan, the "Gift of Time," means to truly honor the time spent with friends & family without phones or distractions.


What I'm working on this holiday season is the "Gift of Time," where I am making it a point to connect with friends and family to create a special moment.

Recently, I did the following with my friend Amy: We made it a point to set aside at least three hours and go off-the-grid, meaning we left our mobiles on the kitchen counter.  We hiked the Eldridge Grade trail in Ross, CA up to Alpine Lake, which is a super rad hike to do anytime of the year. This time of year can be especially beneficial to anyone gearing up for ski or snowboarding season, as the incline works the lower body incredibly well and also helps with cardio endurance (two musts for skiers and snowboarders).  We as a culture become more and more dependent on technology and our schedules continuously fill up. Because of this constant need for technology in our lives, it has become more important to me to honor the "Gift of Time" with friends and family without distractions.

-Megan Webster

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