Terms & Conditions
*To enter contest post your photo on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and tag #mytsuyastyle on or before 7/9/15 12AM PST. Your post must be from a public account for the entry to be valid, and include the hashtag in the original post caption. By submitting your photo, you grant Tsu.ya Brand and Partners the right to display and/or to provide exposure to your photograph and/or other works anywhere including, without limitation, when your photographs or other works are selected as winners of any contest, (i) to be displayed on the Tsu.ya Brand Website, (ii) to be displayed and used in connection with marketing, promotion and/or advertising of Tsu.ya on Tsu.ya’s Website, any other website, in social media and/or in any other form of media including publications, periodicals, communications, still images, video and/or television. All used photographs and images are credited to whomever the photographer is as represented by User.

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