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Kristi Yamaguchi: My Mom “Has Always Been My Ultimate Role Model”
Kristi Yamaguchi's Tsu-Ya active wear line.

Olympic figure skating champion and mom-of-two Kristi Yamaguchi recently launched the third collection of her Tsu-Yu active wear line just in time for summer! The collection features “layering pieces that are feminine and have an attention to detail,” as well as “fun bright colors for warmer weather.”

Kristi chats with Celebrity Baby Scoop about the “very nice and very positive” feedback she’s received on her Tsu-Yu line, how her two daughters, Keara, 10, and Emma, 8, like school, and Mother’s Day plans. She goes on to discuss her Always Dream Foundation’s summer reading events. and why her mom is her “ultimate role model.”


CBS: You just launched your third collection of Tsu-Ya active wear. What new things can we expect to see in this collection?

KY: “We are currently in stores and online.  It has some fun bright colors for warmer weather, such as lime green, purple, turquoise and an emerald green.  We also have a bright watermelon pink too.  We put together a great mix of functional active wear with some layering pieces that are feminine and have an attention to detail for style that can take you through the day.”

CBS: What kind of feedback have you received from women and moms on your line?

KY: “It’s been very nice and very positive so far.  When it comes to the fit and the feel of the fabric, it has been complementary.  We put a lot work into making sure the hand feel is very soft and the fabric feels good when it’s on.  Quality was important to us too.  People have also been positive about the styling details.”

CBS; The Always Dream Foundation has been effective in helping kids to look beyond their circumstances and embrace their dreams.  How many kids have you helped so far? 

KY: “Wow.  I have no idea.  We’re in our eighteenth year of existence.  I don’t know if I can even guess how many kids have been helped over the past eighteen years.  I know our current reading program is finishing its second year, and we are in twelve schools and affecting about 1,200 kids. That is just the schools we’ve been in over the past three years.”

CBS: Do you have any new programs for the summer?

KY: “We have our 2nd Annual Children’s Literacy Festival coming up in on May 17th in San Jose called Kristi Yamaguchi’s Reading Adventures at Happy Hallow. We will bring in some guest authors to read, some local celebrities, and the popular Disney Jr. group Choo Choo Soul will be a part of our entertainment as well. That’s our immediate one, and then we have our Annual Gala that helps raise funds for our literacy efforts.”

CBS: How are Keara and Emma doing? 

KY: “They are doing well, thank you. They are keeping busy.”

CBS: What did they like best about school this year?

KY: “They like a lot about school, and they are still very social with their friends.  Our older daughter, Keara, is very in tune with science and actually helped found a club at her school called the Save the Earth Club.  It’s all about raising awareness about global warming. They want to plant trees as fast as they are being cut down.  She is environmentally minded.  Our younger one is in second grade and she is just having fun with everything.”

CBS: What are they looking forward to doing this summer? 

KY: “We have family in Minnesota, so we will be spending time there.  It’s always a nice treat for the girls.”

CBS: Do they still like hula dancing and skating?

KY: “Yes, Keara still likes hula dancing and will be competing again this year.   Emma is still skating, so we are keeping up with all of that.”

CBS: You have written a couple of children’s books.  Do your girls enjoy reading? 

KY: “They do like reading. My husband reads Harry Potter to them, so they get to experience Dad reading the books to them.  Once they finish reading a book they get to see the movie, and they are currently on the last book.  I think they are little bit young for the last couple of books, but they seem to grasp what’s going on in the story line.  They are really into the Harry Potter series.”

CBS: Mother’s Day is this Sunday, how do you and your family celebrate the holiday?

KY: “We typically have an extended family brunch for Mother’s Day, which is a lot of fun.  There are about 50 of us with our closest friends and my whole family.  The women get to have a little shopping day while the dads look after the kids.  Then we all meet up at someone’s house for a barbeque and hang out.  The dads do all of the cooking for us.”

CBS: How much influence did your Mom have on the kind of Mom you have become?

KY: “Very much.  She has always been my ultimate role model.  She was an amazing Mom and had time for all of us, my siblings and me.  She sacrificed a lot and did a lot.  I definitely admire the way she raised us and I’m looking forward to following her footsteps.”

CBS: How has motherhood changed you?

KY: “I think I’ve become more tentative to dangers in life as far as taking care of myself, because I might get sick and who would take care of my kids?  Obviously looking after them and thinking of all of the things moms want to do to keep their kids safe, busy, task-happy and active.”

CBS: What experiences have surprised you the most?

KY: “I guess how proud you can be as a parent when your child accomplishes something or when I see my two daughters interacting with each other. Seeing the affection they have for each other is so heartwarming. I never thought I could feel so emotional about seeing that sibling love.”

CBS: So you have any upcoming projects you’d like to share with us?

KY: “My plate is pretty full right now with the Always Dream Foundation and the launch of my new active wear line."

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Kristi Yamaguchi
Kristi Yamaguchi


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