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Kristi Yamaguchi: What's In My Carry-On

We poked through the gold medalist's bag.
Fri 20 Jun, 2014


With FAA regulations being what they are these days, everyone takes great pains to select the best items for their carry-on.  We asked Olympic hall of famer Kristi Yamaguchi to show us her 


► Callie hoodie from my Tsu.ya active wear line.   It's soft, warm, and I can hide under the hood when I want to sleep on the plane.


► Kiehl's Lip Balm #1 - Saves your lips from the dry airplane air. 


► Fashion magazines - I'm always looking for inspiration, the latest trends.


► iPad - for music, movies, sudoku, solitaire. 


► SOL Republic headphones


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Kristi Yamaguchi
Kristi Yamaguchi


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