Kristi Yamaguchi Shares How To Travel Smart




Stay hydrated & healthy (and save $ too!).

Drinking water during travel is always important. Instead of buying a $4 water bottle before each flight, make a small investment in a flexible roll-up water bottle and fill it up after you go through security. This will save you money and a little extra space in your carry-on. I also like to pack a couple protein bars in my carry-on to curb airport food cravings.


Pack your most versatile pieces.

Let's face it, we all tend to overpack when it comes to travelling. Instead of cramming your suitcase with lots of tops and bottoms, pick out your most versatile pieces that can go with other outfits and be dressed up. I love the Lexi Jacket because I can wear it on the plane & throw it on at night when it gets chilly.


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Plan your workouts outdoors.

Sticking with a workout routine on vacation is never easy. Plan some outdoor activities in the local area that involve getting your heart rate going. Whether it be yoga, hiking, swimming or paddle boarding, an outside workout always beats being in the gym while on vacation.


Pick up groceries & stay on track.

Going out for breakfast, lunch and dinner can get expensive really fast, especially when you're travelling with family. Solution: go grocery shopping right after you arrive at your destination! Save money and calories during the day by grabbing a few go-to healthy snacks (smoothies, almonds, veggies, fruits, eggs, salad, pretzels) to keep you and the family going through the day. 

I hope this helps you travel smart on your next getaway!

-Kristi Yamaguchi



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